Relax Tax Referral Program

Relax Tax Referral Program

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As a fellow small business owner, I understand how important clients are to your business. Clients are critical to our business as well. Thus we have created a program to thank small business owners who refer individuals that become clients.

We keep our program very simple.

1) Register for the program here by sharing your information with us.

2) Share the link to anyone who wants to retain more of what they earn. They will save $50 off their initial engagement.

3) If the person you refer becomes a client, our marketing team will write a blog post telling the story of how you have help your community. The post will link to your contact information and available listings.

4) We will then promote the post to ensure your target market reads it.

Consider it our way of saying thank you.

No payment information is gathered when you click "BUY IT NOW.” You will only provide your address and email. You will be registered to participate in our program. A pdf with more details of the program will be immediately emailed and made available for instant download. 

Still, have questions? Email any questions to