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Relax Tax

Paparazzi Tax Starter Package w/Accounting bonus

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Your Financial Partner

We love to partner with Paparazzi independent consultants. Whether you’re new to Paparazzi or you have been doing it for years with an extensive downline; you will love our solution custom build just for Paparazzi independent consultants. If you are like most consultants, you're not an accountant, “You're just a girl changing the world $5 at a time.” Relax Tax is more than your accountant, we become your financial partner handling much of the financial grunt work. 

Tax Return Filing with Relax Tax is Simple

A 100% refund of the deposit collected through the site prior to scheduling the meeting will be provided if either party isn't comfortable with moving forward with the client relationship at the end of the initial client meeting. 
We collect the deposit in advance because it makes automating our internal client onboarding operations more efficient. Thus we can assure that the individuals who become our clients will begin receiving immediate value from our services on day one.

If you have any questions regarding our process please call us at (551) 249-1040.

Exclusive Bonuses created specifically for Paparazzi:

Custom Inventory System

Having an easy to use system capturing the jewelry pieces you purchase is critical when you are a Paparazzi independent consultant.  We understand the accounting and tax issues that you face saving the world $5 at a time.  We also heard our clients complain about how much time it took for them to manage it. Thus we built a system to convert your “Thank you for your order!” emails into a usable inventory tracking system. As your financial partner, we handle all the accounting grunt work related to this. We allow you to focus on what you do best.

Never Miss a Deduction

It is simple to say track expenses for their taxes but in the real world that actually gets quite difficult. Do you even know how much in expenses you may have missed by tax time? Relax Tax has also automated this process. Once we configure our optional software tool most of the critical expenses will be automatically captured without any effort on your end. Have cash expenses that you weren’t expecting? No problem just snap a pic with the mobile app. You're busy enough that is why you can relax when you partner with Relax Tax.

**No Sale is final until after the initial onboarding meeting - although we attempt to make it simple and transparent for a user to purchase our tax services, these are professional services and not physical products. The initial onboarding meeting allows each party to gain a full understanding of the Relax Tax process and unique client circumstances. Either party is free to cancel the sale at the conclusion of this onboarding meeting, and all funds would be refunded without any form of penalty.