Non-Homeowner - Onboarding Package

Non-Homeowner - Onboarding Package

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The Non-Homeowner Onboarding Package is a refundable deposit to secure your initial client tax planning session. The deposit is applied to your agreed-upon fee if you choose to become a client. The initial meeting is a 55-minute personalized service completed by your CPA. It is not a product or software application. 

Although taxes are important, they are only part of the equation to ease your financial pressures so that you can comfortably pursue your passions. The session allows your personal New Jersey-based CPA to gain an understanding of your current financial situation to begin to formulate your unique tax plan. 

The areas addressed will be based on your specific situation but common areas include but are not limited to the following:


Of course, we will start with taxes, but unlike most accountants, we try not to spend too much time looking back at the last year. Once we understand last year, we focus on appropriately planning to reduce this year's taxes as well as future year's taxes. 


A good portion of the meeting will be focused on your various sources of income. We will determine if there are legal creative ways to restructure the recognition of the income when appropriate.  


Unlike most accountants that focus on WHAT your annual expenses are. We focus on WHY your annual expenses are what they are. We often find that clients are accidentally wasting money in places they don't need to be. Often this is because they are too busy to do it all themselves.  Tracking your expenses for taxes is easy, we give a free mobile app for that. Saving from reducing unnecessary overpayments takes expertise and we can often generate a multiple of our annual fee. 


Insurance can often be the most critical point of leverage for the non-homeowner. It can have serious impacts on your tax planning and personal cashflow, we assure you are optimizing the use of ALL the various forms of insurance in your tax planning. 


Like insurance, debt is a critical source of financial leverage. We assure you are optimizing the use of ALL the various forms of debt in your tax planning. 


As a non-homeowner, people are often told there is little they can do with their personal tax planning. Your personal New Jersey-based CPA will dig deeper to gain a thorough understanding of all your assets and if they can be used to impact your tax planning. 


Most people understand that there is a difference between qualified and non-qualified investments, but we go beyond that. We will assure your current investments are optimized for your specific tax situation. We often arrange for future meetings with your investment advisors to assure that they understand and actively assist in implementing strategies that are in line with your long-term tax plan.  

Somerset County, NJ

Relax Tax utilizes virtual meetings for the convenience of our clients. By being 100% virtual we are able to offer the most efficient service to our clients. Yet our CPAs are based out of Somerset NJ, and an in-person meeting could be arranged if the circumstances require it. But we have found the convenience and screen sharing capabilities outweigh the in-person experience for our type of meetings. 

If you have any questions regarding our process please call us at (551) 249-1040.

We are not the right firm for clients who are not comfortable utilizing smartphones to send pictures of documents, email for communication, and zoom for face to face meetings. 

**No Sale is final until after the initial onboarding meeting. These are professional services and not physical products. The initial onboarding meeting allows each party to gain a full understanding of the Relax Tax process and the client's unique circumstances. Either party is free to cancel the sale at the conclusion of this onboarding meeting, and all funds will be refunded without any form of penalty.