Non Homeowners Planning Meeting Deposit

Non Homeowners Planning Meeting Deposit

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The Non-Homeowner Planning meeting deposit is a refundable deposit to secure your initial client interview and is applied to your agreed-upon fee if you choose to become a client. The initial meeting is a 55-minute personalized service completed by a CPA and not a product or software application. 

Although taxes are important they are only part of the equation to ease your financial pressures so that you can comfortably pursue your passions. In your initial meeting with your CPA, your advisor will gain an understanding of your current financial situation.. 

The areas addressed will be based on your specific situation but common areas include but are not limited to the following: 

Short and Long Term Goals:

It is impossible to create YOUR plan without understanding YOUR goals and plans.

Health Areas:

Medical Insurance Coverages Options and Expenses: Immediate and Long Term

Education Areas:

Student Debt, Financial Aid, Scholarships.Tuition Reimbursement

Shelter and Transportation:

Optimizing coverage requirements and cost of Auto, Renters, and other insurances

Reviewing own/lease/finance options for current and future Transportation options

Rent vs Buy options, financing requirements, alternative options

Family, Pets and/or other dependants:

Understanding various deductions, expenses, and/or opportunities associated with various types of dependants  

Together with your CPA, you will determine a plan as to how best to immediately improve your existing financial situation and reduce your future tax burden over the coming year. You will agree on an expected annual fee based on a plan developed during the initial meeting.   

A 100% refund of the deposit collected through this site, will be returned through this site if either party isn't comfortable with moving forward with the client relationship at the end of the initial client meeting. 

If you have any questions regarding our process please call us at (551) 249-1040.

**No Sale is final until after the initial onboarding meeting. These are professional services and not physical products. The initial onboarding meeting allows each party to gain a full understanding of the Relax Tax process and the client's unique circumstances. Either party is free to cancel the sale at the conclusion of this onboarding meeting, and all funds will be refunded without any form of penalty.