When Should I Refi and Other Debt Related Tips

When people speak of good interest vs bad interest they are usually referencing  good interest you can deduct on your taxes vs the interest that you can not deduct.

At Relax Tax we have a different definition. Good interest is the interest others pay you for using your money where bad interest in the interest that you must pay others. Thus we obsess about helping our clients to reduce their interest  expenses. Interest is the cost of capital and is a reality of debt. Debt is powerful tool that when used appropriately can be quite effective. Thus we are not against people paying interest just interest that they don't need to pay. 

This is why whenever you have debt of any kind, if your not constantly monitoring to see if you if qualify for a cheaper cost of capital (interest plus other fees), then you are simply wasting money. Yet very few people have the time or desire to be constantly monitoring this and often end up overspending. This is one of the many things that Relax Tax clients don't have to stress about. They can RELAX because reviewing our clients debt and credit scores is a standard part of the services. 

If you have the time and prefer to do it yourself you can down load our FREE guide on to how to reduce your interest payments. If you prefer to have have a trusted financial partner address this and other financial areas beyond just taxes then call 551-249-1040 to schedule and initial meeting.