Paparazzi Independent Consultants 

Your Financial Partner

We love to partner with Paparazzi independent consultants. Whether you’re new to Paparazzi or you have been doing it for years with an extensive down-line; you will love our solution custom build just for Paparazzi independent consultants. If you are like most consultants, you're not an accountant, “You're just a girl changing the world $5 at a time.” Relax Tax is more than your accountant, we  become your financial partner handling much of the financial grunt work. 


Custom Inventory System

Having an easy to use system capturing the jewelry pieces you purchase is critical when you are a Paparazzi independent consultant.  We understand the accounting and tax issues that you face saving the world $5 at a time. Thus we built a system to convert your “Thank you for your order!” emails into a usable inventory tracking system. As your financial partner, we handle all the accounting grunt work related to this. We allow you to focus on what you do best.

Never Miss a Deduction

It is simple to say track expenses for their taxes but in the real world that actually gets quite difficult. Do you even know how much in expenses you may have missed by tax time? Relax Tax has also automated this process. Once we configure our software tool most of the critical expenses will be automatically captured without any effort on your end. Have cash expenses that you weren’t expecting? No problem just snap a pic with the mobile app. You're busy enough that is why you can relax when you partner with Relax Tax.

Tax Return Filing with Relax Tax is Optional

What happens if I like to do my own taxes or I already have an accountant who does my taxes? Our custom solution was designed to assure the information needed for a Paparazzi Independent Consultant Schedule C was accurate and easily accessible. We knew when creating this solution that some people will want our service but not our tax prep service. We designed our service pricing with this in mind. For those who choose to have Relax Tax do their tax returns ($10/m) of the monthly service fee is credited towards the price of their Relax Tax prepared tax return. 

We understand how important it is that we keep this service affordable. In order to do so we have been forced to limit the number of consultants that will be offering the service at these special prices.

$29/M with $10/M applied to your 1040 Federal Tax Return. START NOW.

We have an awesome referral plan were you get a $10 credit for every friend that you refer and they $10 there first purchase. If you refer enough friends your services can be free. 

Please email any questions to or call 551-249-1040.

Relax Tax isn't associated with Paparazzi Accessories. Relax Tax CPA's are independent and have created a solution based on identifying the key issues that Independent consultants of Paparazzi Accessories encounter in the normal course of running a business as an independent distributor.