Amending a Tax Return - 1040X

Already filed a return but want to make a change? 


Before you just jump into a 1040x to amend your tax return, you may want to ask us a few questions. 

Just click Video, Audio, or Text to send us a private message and we will reply to you in private. 

  • Superior Tax Planning

    Relax Tax create a custom tax plan that make it easier to assure that our clients "Retain More of What They Earn" to pursue their passions.

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  • IRS Tax Relief

    Owning the IRS can is a scary time. Unless you have Relax Tax fighting for you to assure that your rights are protected and the long term financial impact is as minimal as possible. Free yourself from tax stress.

  • Tax Preparation w/ Protection

    Relax knowing your return is e-filed right. While other firms charge up to $95 additional per return, the best available protection is included standard with every e-filed Relax Tax return. Learn More

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