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When it comes to College the price has little to do with the actual student and more to do with what the school feels the parent is willing to pay. Rarely do two similar students ever end up paying the same price.

At Relax Tax our basic College Planning comes standard with your annual Tax Return. We start your student's college from the day the first year you are a client or the day they are born.

It seems as though almost every American can tell you what they earn a year. But how many can tell you much they actually retained to spend how they choose. At Relax Tax we are obsessed with helping people to retain more of what they earn so that they can pursue their passions. Our clients will be happy to share with you how impactful our process has been on their business and personal finances. Your custom tax planning playbook will make it simple for you to retain more of what you earn. So that you too can pursue your passions.

Back office support services doing the setup, support and optimization of your systems.

Three Primary Areas

Pre-College Planning

Although established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted in 1990, this credit has gained a lot more relevance as covid has forced the world to be virtual. We assist clients in properly leveraging this tax credit to optimize their systems while focusing on meeting ADA Compliance requirements.

College Planning

The research credit is generally allowed for expenses paid or incurred for qualified research. The research doesn't need to be done by scientists. It can be in areas like adapting a product or process to a client's needs. Surveys and studies, and research related to certain internal computer systems. So let's talk about your business.

Student Debt Management

This tax credit helps to lower the cost of setting up a retirement plan for your team. Most common retirement plans, including 401(k) plans, SEP IRA plans, and SIMPLE IRA plans, qualify under this tax credit. There are many tax-advantaged retirement options even if you are self-employed so let's talk about your plans.

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