A Happy Child Is A Successful Child


Discuss and plan ahead of time to help your child become happy and successful during their journey

Are you figuring out how to help your child be successful in college? Well what if I tell you that it does not have to require exceptional skills? The key here is to  help your child prepare and start their college on the right foot! You have to understand that college preparations does not only mean preparing for tests or applications. It also means preparing in other factors that could affect your child emotionally, socially, and academically.

It is honestly hard to plan on this journey because you have to consider so many things just to help your child achieve success as a college student. BUT let me just say that we could help you with that. There are so many tips in our college playbook that can surely help your child shape their college journey into the most holistic and best experience there is!



In this chapter, Mr. Russ Vitale the founder of the Destination College, discusses six (6) topics that will help the students understand that college preparations is more than tests or examinations to have the BEST school and college experience.

The first topic is College Is A Journey Not A Destination. In this discussion, Mr. Russ explains that the students should choose a college that will support their highest potential and as well as provide the best learning environment. Why? Because this will actually make them experience unlimited happiness. And as what has been said earlier, remember that "A Happy Child is a Successful Child".

There are so many factors that affects the students and Geography is one of them. This should also be discussed with both students and parents as it can directly affect the students' success. Being on a different place and being exposed to different cultures can be a plus because there are so many new things that can be done and learned. But then it should be assessed and discussed properly as it may or may not be the right environment for their child.


Uncovering Passions is a discussion that gives students an opportunity to assess themselves once again. This helps students select the right majors that matches their capabilities and of course select the majors that they really want to pursue. Take note that being able to do this can positively affect their future success.

Social Adaptation and Immersion is another topic to discuss with the students and parents. Just like what is mentioned in the Geography discussion, the learning environment is important to look into because this helps the students understand what to expect in college. Understanding what they could expect can help them easily cope with things right away. That means, they would learn how to successfully transition to college.

There are also Support, Guidance, and Advocacy groups that students and parents should also consider when in college. This, in fact, can make a significant impact on the students' college experience because they can provided with guidance, advice, and support that they need!

The last discussion in this playbook is all about Matching Your Metrics To Make The Right Choice. Mr. Russ will give the students some tips on how to help them carefully evaluate their options in which will help them avoid making big mistakes during their college journey.

Having the right information, guidance, and giving all of your best in all of the important aspects discussed in this college playbook can get you the result that you want and need.

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