Looking back to 1984

We look forward not back 

Does your accountant seem obsessed with last year? If you want to legally pay less in taxes, you need a professional who looks forward. Relax Tax helps our clients focus on planning for a better future, and not the past. If we want to look back at anything, we thought it might be fun let our blog look back at what we learned in the last 50 plus years. You can get a FREE COPY of the entire guide at back.relaxtax.com. Now lets take a look at 1984.  

1984 Big News Story

Apple Macintosh and the 1984 Commercial

Apple Computer launched the Macintosh computer in 1984, heralding a new age of home computing. The Soviet Union boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, in reciprocity for the American boycott of 1980. Ronald Reagan was reelected in a landslide, with opponent Walter Mondale winning only the District of Columbia and his home state of Minnesota in the electoral college vote.

Per the Chicago Tribune

Every year at Super Bowl time, people talk about the most famous Super Bowl ad of them all, Apple's 1984 commercial that was based on George Orwell's grimly predictive novel, also named "1984."

This spot, introducing the Macintosh personal computer, is legendary because of certain believed truths. It began Apple's meteoric rise to consumer product superstardom. It kick-started the epic Super Bowl advertising game. It only aired once. It was the best TV ad ever.

1984 by the Numbers

Economic Data from 1984

Grocery Prices from 1984

Personally as for 1984,I was supposed to read 1984 but had a way of skimming and summarizing a book with out reading it in high school and still getting a good enough grade from the class discussions. As for 1984, I am guilty as charged, never read it. As for the ad, the same thing. I remember all hype over it, but I can honestly say I don't think I even caught the commercial during the game.

I would have our my version of a Super Bowl in 1984 though. I would be one of only only two sophomores to play in every game  of Immaculata High Schools first ever undefeated state champion football team.  

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