Looking back to 1976

Looking back to 1976

We look forward not back 

Does your accountant seem obsessed with last year? If you want to legally pay less in taxes, you need a professional who looks forward. Since Relax Tax helps our clients focus on planning for a better future, we thought it might be fun let our blog address what we learned in the last 50 plus years. You can get a FREE COPY of the entire guide at back.relaxtax.com. Now lets take a look at 1976.I have very vivid memories of the excitement over the Bicentennial.  

1976 Big News Story

NASA Unveils the First Space Shuttle

1976 was a year of celebration in America, as the country turned 200 years old. Barbara Walters became the first woman to anchor an evening news broadcast, and “Charlie’s Angels” lit up TV screens across the country for the first time. America’s exploration of space continued, with the successful landing on Mars of NASA’s Viking I rover. In politics, Jimmy Carter won the presidential election over incumbent Gerald Ford.

Per The Henry Ford

The 1976 Bicentennial of American Independence was a major cultural phenomenon. A wave of patriotism and nostalgia swept the nation. For more than a year, it seemed that everyone was organizing events and activities to commemorate this milestone.

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Personally, I am not sure that I knew of the Space Shuttle in 1976. I definitely referenced in in my planetarium project in the next year though. Yet I remember everything having a 1976 Bicentennial theme. It definitely is one of my earliest memories of commemorative items. What I didn't realize is that it was something the new for everyone and not just me.     

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