The Importance of Balancing People with Technology

The Importance of Balancing People with Technology

As technology becomes a more imbedded in our lives, we can never forget that we must always put people before technology. Yet technology is a critical tool that when used correctly can free our time so that each of us has more time to spend becoming better people.   

In ecommerce this concept is know as omni channel distribution or simple "Bricks and Clicks." You just need to look at Walmart and Amazon to fully understand this concept. 

The professional service industry is a little further beyond the world of ecommerce. In professional services this is known as "high tech - high touch". It is about walking the fine line of giving people the tools and opportunities to help themselves while never leaving them to feel stranded in the darkness of cyberspace.

AI is  all the rage in the professional service industry, in particular the FinTech space. But the intelligence in AI is only as good as the programmer and data scientist who teaches and trains the AI. It is like the how the professional is a reflection of the education and experiences they have been exposed to.

When it comes to AI, the programming and the models represent the "education" for for the AI. Where as the chosen data sets represent the "experiences"  these tools only work with in these strict parameters. The reality is rarely does a client fit exactly in a box, every one is different and that is why it takes a human to understand the human aspects of your situation. What if the the human that knows you best, could work with the state of the art Technology and other subject matter professionals to create a solution unique to you. 

That would be Relax Tax. This blog is where we highlight and recommend the technology tools that we have use or recommend for our clients. Using these tools simplify the lives of our clients so that they can RELAX, have more resources and time to spend on their own unique passions.  

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