Best Tip for the DIY Tax Payer

As a Licensed Tax Professionals we can not offer unsolicited general tax advice because every situation is different. Licensed CPAs are held accountable for the tax advice that they give. But we can give generic financial advice. 

At Relax Tax we do not only do tax planning for clients. We obsess about improving our clients financial position. Our detailed Tax Plans address a number of critical financial areas. Since Relax Tax does more then just prepare taxes, the insights that we provide our clients often result in cash savings far beyond the annual cost for our service.

So our tip is to ask yourself these questions:

  • How much is your time worth?
  • How much time have you spent researching financial items to "save" money? 
  • What passion of yours are you not pursuing at this very moment because you are spending time reading this? 
  • Are you positive that the plan of action that you chose to pursue was the optimal financial option for your specific situation? 
  • What is the opportunity cost of implementing general advice you found online?
  • If you feel like you saved a few bucks, how much more could  a custom professional plan designed specifically for your situation saved you? 

We try to share as much general information on our website as we can but we can't share everything we know.. So the best tip we can give you is to sit back, relax and have an initial conversation with a financial partner that you can trust. A professional who will obsess about providing a services that saves you more then you pay for it.

You can call 551-249-1040 right now, at any hour of the day or night. You will reach  a Live person who will assist you in becoming our client. 

Try getting getting that from Turbo Tax or some other DIY software.