Public Adjuster Persists Until Insurance Company Issues Apology and Refunds Money

In this video, Robert Bura shares how he discovered what a Public Adjuster is and how he became one.

Looking back, Robert shares about how he woke up at three in the morning during a rainstorm as water started coming in from their broken skylight. It was the first time after many years that he contacted his insurance company for settlement. He then received an amount of $18,000. The thing is, it could have been $30,000-$40,000 had he known then what he knows now.

Moreover, Robert noticed something questionable in his declaration pages in terms of his rates. He consulted his insurance agent but did not get the satisfaction he needed. Fortunately, he met a Public Adjuster and helped him. Watch this video and learn how his insurance company ended up writing him a letter of apology and refunding him money.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters are the best-kept secret as to how Robert describes it. They are licensed by the Banking Insurance Commission of the states that they work in. They advocate for policyholders like you. They make sure that you get every dollar you are entitled to. Everything they do is free until the point of a settlement. Robert stresses that they won’t take you unless they believe that they can help you win significantly. Moreover, Robert can point out the things in your policy that you need to address which is a complimentary service.

Most people don’t know all the details about their insurance policies. Robert will help you maintain the value of your asset by doing a policy review and pointing out gaps in your policy whether it’s deductions or exclusions.

At Relax Tax we obsess about helping our clients retain more of what they earn. While tax preparation plays a huge role in that, taxes don’t happen in a vacuum. Assuring that the debt and insurance you have are optimal for your goals is also our top priority. Thus, we vet the top local professionals and partner only with those who share our values.

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