From Cashier at Target to a Career Helping People Save Money

From Cashier at Target to a Career Helping People Save Money

Making an impact on people’s lives

Beverly shares the story about her very charismatic Pastor who at first was not the kind of person who would be interested in her business but ended up as her biggest advocate. She was able to help him save money on his energy bills at church and rectory and Fr. O’Connor has been very supportive since then.

Also in this video she shares the story about her friend who has been furloughed last year but is now earning as a Regional Director after convincing her to do business with her. She invited her years ago but because she has a very high end job in New York and didn’t have time, she had to say no. With Beverly’s determination to help, she has yet again made a positive impact on someone's life.

An inspiring story of a Success Mentor

About five years ago, Beverly started as a cashier at Target but was immediately promoted as a Front End Manager within a month. She was working for long hours, chasing coupon abusers, and counting money which made her exhausted at the end of the day.

One day, someone at her Church approached her and showed her something about helping people to save money on energy bills while getting paid. From that, she spent about ten minutes each day reaching out to people she knew offering to help them save money. At that time, Target has also offered to give her a raise at an amount she couldn’t immediately believe. (Watch the video and find out.)

Beverly decided to pursue the energy bills saving business and stayed consistent. Fast forward, Beverly earned the most money she has ever made in her entire life. Meeting people who are coachable and willing to lock arms with her has changed her life tremendously. Indeed, Beverly saves people money and can make people money.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, just get in the seat and ask how you do it later. Don't don't say no to something you don't know anything about.” - Beverly Pirone

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